Moana Beach <> South Australia <>The "Round House"

The Moana Beach Round House memorial stone or plaque, (still lives) I Have it! Well a photo.

Prior to the Round House demolition, the above Plaque was removed by thieves!!
or by someone with a sense of history.
The above photo is probably one of very few in existence, just as well I got a photo of it before it vanished.
Constructed in 1927, demolished 2006. Gone is the "Moana Beach" land mark.

The above photo is Moana Beach Round House as it was just before it was demolished.
A developer wanted it gone to make way for something else.
I find it totally repulsive that the authorities allowed the demolition of this unique building.
It was al ledged the structure had quote, "Concrete Cancer" Har har, any builder worth his salt
could have repaired that. I wonder who was in bed with whom regarding the whole far se.
Another heritage building toppled. Anyway, the "after" photo is below :-(

It just isnt the same without the Round House

The above photo is my impression of how the Round House looked before the Pizza Bakery was added. I
removed the Pizza bakery with "Paint Shop Pro"

This was the first building at Moana Beach in amongst the sand swept foreshore. There was only
sand and scrub with a dirt road for access. Behind the Round House is the an Aboriginal
sacred site consisting of sand dunes where the native Australians camped and fed
on the Cockles, (shell fish) (Scimpies)