Maslin Beach         South Australia

Note!! Only the Southern end of the Beach is NUDE

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Maslin Beach
Southern tip of Maslin Beach
View from Oleander Road
A wide view from Blanche Point

Panorama (wide photo)
Maslin Beach 1973
Maslin Beach Winter 1973
A sun seeker at Maslin Beach

This beach is great! ;-) South Australia's first legal unclad beach
This means "NUDE"
Our Premier at the time in 1975 (Don Dunstan) declared it nude
A well protected and clean beach
Access is via the northern car park, near Oleander Rd (a 1KM walk) or via the cliff top car park
Bring the "SUNSCREEN CREAM" we don't want those
touristy white bits burnt beyond reconition :-)
Bring your own SHADE, there isnt any there.
Bring food, drink as the kiosk is a long walk, during the summer
a 4WD goes along the beach with food and drink.

DONT forget the SUNSCREEN, sunburn HURTS!!

The Kiosk / Shop, is left on the main road as you drive up the last
hill to the northern car park, near Oleander Road

The NUDE ZONE, is a long walk from the northern car park
There should be a warning sign on the way down stating that
beyond the sign is a nude zone, but you can keep your clothes on if you want to.

Maslin Beach is around 45 Km South of Adelaide (South Australia)
The drive from Adelaide city takes approximately 50 minutes in peak hour traffic.
The time it takes to drive to the Airport is 40 minutes
 This beach is only 5 minutes by car from where I live

From the city of Adelaide, take the train to "Noarlunga Centre"
Fom the "Noarlunga Centre" train station
cross over to the "Bus Depot"
From there, wait at the "Maslin Beach" bus stop.
(you will need about $2 au to get on the bus)

Toilets?? Well... yes, at the Northern carpark. There are more toilets
at the NUDE end. Find the stairs up the cliff to the
Southern clifftop Car Park. About halfway up their are toilets,
but! beware... they may be closed. So if you are busting to go...
there are just a few obvious choices for you to make.

Sorry, on behalf of those who care.

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Maslin Beach Süd ist ein Nackt Strand seit 1975
und ist ca. 45 KM Südlich von die Haubtstadt Adelaide
Es dauert bloss 5 Minuten im Auto dort hinzufahren von meinen Haus

Nicht das ganse Strand ist einen Nacktstrand
Sie muessen bei die Suedliche ende den Strand sein um nackt zu gehen
Dort wo die Steilkueste ist.

Ein Geschaeft gibt es auf die Haubtstrasse bevor dem Nord
Carpark bei Oleander Road. Im car Park gibt es auch einer toilette.
Am Nackt Strand gibt es auch einer Toilette, treppe hoch
an der steilkueste, halben weg hoch. Notiz!!!!
Es kann sein das die Toilette geschlossen ist.

Sie haben nötig, ein Beachshirm weil da kein Schatten ist, Sonnencreme,
Was zum trinken und essen
Die Körperliche Teile das normalweise nicht die Sonne sehen
sind schnell verbrannt bei die heisse Australische Sonne

Vergesse die 30+ Sonnencreme nicht!! Sonnenbrand dauert nur 10 Minuten!!!!