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Admirals Arch Shipwrecks
Stokes Bay Island Beach

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island in Australia and lies at the tip of the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. It was separated from the mainland approximately 10000 years ago when the sea levels around the world rose.

An abundance of wildlife can be seen along with wide variety of native flora. The beaches are unpolluted and there are magnificent coastal views from the cliff tops. The northern side of the island is well protected from the elements. The south side of the island endures the onslaught of the open sea but the power of the wind and waves has carved a unique landscape into the rocky cliff faces.

Getting there

Kangaroo Island is around 80 Kilometer's from the city of Adelaide in South Australia.

By local air, the journey takes around 30 minutes.

By road, their are daily coaches from Adelaide to the Cape Jervois ferry terminal which can be booked through a travel agent, or you can drive your own vehicle. The road trip takes about 1.5 hours. (book ahead to take your car over)

The Kangaroo Island ferry

The "Sealink" passenger and vehicle ferry takes an hour to cross over to the island. Once arriving at the ferry terminal at Penneshaw, you drive your car off the ferry and to your island destination. (book ahead to take your car over)

Coach Tours

There are many to choose from, for the tourist that has little time it is a good way to see the popular attractions. The tours range from, half day to several days with or without accommodation and catering.

Sights to see

Native Fauna (Seals, Penguins, Pelicans, Koala, Kangaroo)
Native Flora   (Scarlet Bottle Brush,Yacca, Banksia)
Magnificent coastal views
Mini Sahara Desert
Light houses
Beautiful beaches
Scenery with an outback theme
Admirals Arch and the Seal Colony
Kelly Caves
Flinders Chase National Park
Seal Bay

What's to do

Wildlife viewing
Diving (Snorkeling and Scuba)
4 wheel driving
Coach touring
Private touring
Bird watching

Accommodation types

Budget (Backpacker Hostels, camping)
Bed and breakfast
Farm stay
Self contained cottages
Light house keepers cottage
Rental housing

Favourite Places

Seal Bay Conservation Park

is a breeding colony of about 600 rare Australian sea lions, which is estimated to be more than 10% of the world's entire population. It is located on the south coast of the island. Fishing and swimming are prohibited in the aquatic reserve, however it does offer access to the beach to experience a close encounter with these beautiful mammals. Visitors can walk within 20 feet of the endangered species, while accompanied by a qualified park ranger or approved guide.

Flinders Chase National Park

lies on the western end of the island, and is one of South Australia's largest conservation parks, covering over 180,000 acres. The rugged coastline is spectacular and provides a haven for many fur seals, sea lions, sea eagles, osprey and numerous other species of wildlife. The interior of the park is predominantly eucalyptus woodland, which is home to an array of animals, including kangaroos, wallabies, brush tailed possums, echidnas, goannas, platypus and the ever adorable koalas.

Admirals Arch

which is home to a breeding colony of New Zealand Fur Seals. The arch itself is a spectacular rock formation as a result of years of erosion by the sea. Remarkable Rocks is another amazing geological feature within the park. It is a cluster of huge granite boulders that have been sculpted by over 500 million years of wind, water and sea spray erosion.


Kangaroo Island also boasts more than 80 shipwrecks around the coastline. Although not all are accessible, many diving opportunities exist to discover the tragic history. There are also a number of sea creatures to discover, such as blue devil fish, truncate coralfish, and the endemic leafy sea-dragon.

Stokes Bay

A beautiful beach with a well protected area for children to swim.

Island Beach

Which is apposite the American Beach area. Island Beach is well protected from the elements and has almost white sand. The tide goes out a long way making it a safe beach for children.


A good place to shop for food and souvenirs is the main town of Kingscote, Penneshaw also has a number of shops and Cafe's. At some of the farms you can purchase, Honey, Cheese, Fish, Prawns and all the other items they manufacture and cultivate.







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