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If I have infringed any copyrights or other issues, I will remove said item if required to do so.

(There is a lot of stuff out there labeled as "Freeware" "Free to use for personal use") I have used some pictures from these sites
& I guess that I do have to believe them when they say, "Free to use"

If you regard your image as "private"... let me know, I won't know unless I am told,

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I do not guarantee my data to be 100% factual or accurate, as such any data used from "my"
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While I endevour to controll the data that is downloaded to my PC, I can not block some material.

Are you aware? that if a chat program can see that you are online,
it informs other authorized network users. That's fine, but if you have
been hacked!! Hackers know when you are on line.

So use a Firewall!! But even then, don't consider your system 100% safe.