Marion and Wolfram's reunion, after 34 years
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We were reunited on Friday 12th December 2003 (as friends)

me n marion

February 1970 on the ship.
Captains Cocktail Party.

The reunion happened in 2003,
as friends..!
Some people have got the wrong idea.
Please read the story in its entirety.
Marion & I, did not marry or anthing like that. We remain good friends and live
2230km apart in Australia
wolfram marion

To my SS Australis fans... this is it!!!! My reunion photo with Marion. Yes, Marion and Wolfram
briefly together again after almost 34 years.

Marion and myself were both passengers on the "SS Australis" during the
south bound voyage 23 from Bremerhaven to Australia in February 1970.
We met at the dinner table on the first night of the voyage,
it was love at first sight, but it only lasted 3 weeks due
to the deceit of my best friend on that ship.

Read the true 6 page story if you like, Click here, or select ""My Story" in the left index column

We fell out of love two weeks before we disembarked in Melbourne, never saw each other till December 2003.
I found Marion in March 2003 and via phone contact, we re-discovered many things that we had forgotten.

We arranged a reunion, the photo, (above right) was taken by her neighbor.

It was a day of mixed feelings, but as you can see, we were happy to see each other again.
The day started very early with our meeting at the "Rolling Surf" resort Cafe that
is located at the "Kings Beach" seafront, one hour by car; north of "Brisbane, in Australia"

A greta Resort where the public may use the Bistro. We walked, talked, had lunch and went swimming.

She lives in a lovely apartment and is a proud mother of 2 grown up boys
and 1 daughter. Marion has grandchildren that are a dear part of her life.

I visited Marion a second time while my family and I were on holidays at the "Sunshine Coast"
on that second visit I introduced Marion to my wife and 2 kids.

All good things must come to an end, we are separated by 2300 Kilometers,
but we remain special friends.

This is Marion at the Rolling Surf Resort at Kings Beach
The photo was taken in the afternoon when we went swimming in the Ocean.
This Resort is Super!! and the beach is spectacular.

The Rolling Surf Resort is on the right of the following photo

"Kings Beach" image courtesy of "PeterLikPublishing SEQ"
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