English SS Australis Passengers of Feb' to March 1970 German/Deutsch

My name is, Wolfram Dallwitz
Location: Seaford Beach, a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia.
Contact: wolfram_dallwitz@hotmail.com
Sailed on the Australis during Feb' & March 1970, voyage 23.

I originally disembarked at Melbourne

I am Looking for an ex passengers of the south bound voyage from Bremerhafen
& Southampton, in particular, the people mentioned below

Send me a mail Wolfram at  Hotmail.com

I am looking for: Rosemary Lutz (Maiden name)
Norbert Hoffmann (resides in Australia I believe)
Hillary, you were my best friend on the ship... sorry, I forgot your surname. You were nicknamed "Illa"

Also, the mature English man from the forces who shared my cabin, I was the noisy one, who played Beatles records with a small portable record player. You were headed to Perth. Any other ex passenger of the Australis or Ellinis are welcome to contact me.

Why am I looking? just curious to find out what you're doing these days.

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