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Using any data from this site is done so at your own risk as I can not guarantee said data to be 100% accurate.

I do hope that you enjoy my tribute to the SS Australis and her sister ship RHMS Ellinis
I have found, that by browsing other related sites , fond memories have been triggered.
This inspired me to share my photos and stories.

If you recognize a picture or name, (or me) please contact me as I would be pleased
to hear from former passengers from the South bound voyage
from Bremerhaven to Melbourne Australia
on the SS Australis in Feb/March 1970

This goes for former passengers on the Ellinis voyage, North bound
from Australia to Bremerhaven and Southampton Nov 1968 to Jan 1st 1969

Contact from any passengers/ex-staff of the Australis or Ellinis is welcome.

Events in my stories, names and places are as accurate as I can recall, while other events
have been withheld due to a privacy issue.

If you see an image of yourself and you have a problem being on public display, please do inform me of that fact!
I will, if required... blank you out or remove said image of you.

Information acquired from 3rd parties or other information services may not be accurate,
as such... I do not endorse any information derived from them or the content of any web site external of mine.
Use any such information at your own risk.

Photos supplied to me by other people are done so at their own risk and I take no responsibility for their content.
Nor can I be held responsible for their security as it has been agreed upon, by said provider of these photos & or items to go on public display, on the Internet.
All content is scrutinized by the Web-master and is deemed to be a tasteful display of fond memories and events.
All due credit is given to owners of photos (where possible) all appropriate photos are watermarked.

If there is any miss spelled text or names, please let me know and I will endeavor to correct any errors.

All Photos created by Wolfram Dallwitz & Walter Dallwitz are
original scanned photos are of high resolution and have been
reduced in size for the Internet.
(sharpness has suffered)

All photos by Walter Dallwitz (my Dad) were originally "Slide photos"
that were copied with a Canon digital camera with a macro attachment.

Copies of my photos may be obtained from the web master.

Copies of any other photos are only available with the approval of relevant owner.

Important note!!!! The photos of the Austalis Wreck are just that!! as the ship has been almost totally destroyed by the
pounding surf. Little is left of this once mighty ship.

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