My Tribute to the RHMS ELLINS
New... October 2008



A Short Story


Ritchie Doherty





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By Ritchie Doherty .

I sailed on the Ellinis from Fremantle, Perth W Australia to New York City
in 1970. I was only 9 year's old but I still managed to get into trouble on
board playing on the Service Elevators which were only for staff. I took
great delight in going into areas that were not for the passengers. One of
the cooks caught me on the service elevator & grabbed me & opened up 2 doors
on the side of the ship & actually held me out in his outstretched arms where
I could see the sea below rushing past, it was still quite high from the
water, needless to say I never played with that Service Elevator again. My
sister 7 years older than me was having a great time & I tried when possible
to tag along, I remember some kind of equator crossing where they put flour &
ketchup in her hair & then into the pool she went. It was great going through
the Panama Canal with the mule locomotives pulling us through. I also
remember a time where the sun stayed on the horizon & it did not go into
night time darkness where they opened the bridge area to passengers. Tahiti
was nice with the colourful taxis.... Docking in New York was rough as there
was a tug boat/long shore man strike so the ship came in on her own coming to
a abrupt stop as she hit the end of the pier .One of the best times of my
life but wished I stayed there in Australia instead of coming back to
Toronto Ontario Canada where I was born & left for Perth W Australia when I
was 2 years old on a ship from Vancouver, the Arcadian.

Hope you enjoyed my tales of Ellinis adventures.
Really miss that time of my life.

Ritchie Doherty