My Tribute to the RHMS ELLINS
Updated 5/8/2008  
New... An E-mail from Neil Ennis



Neil Ennis

Immigration Stories
about a family
leaving home &
embarking on a
new lifestyle.

Many photos to see at
his Blog.


Check out Neil's Blog and other content.

Neil wrote:

My family and I travelled aboard Ellinis in 1965 from Southampton to Brisbane.

We were "Ten Pound Poms".

I was only three years old at the time, but I have some vague memories.

I've uploaded some photos of our emmigration experience if you're interested. I'm still in the process of uploading them and writing a blog about them, but you might be interested in what I've added so far.

My blog articles about the experience are here:

The main blog address is http://NeilEnnis.com but I've setup a special migration history at which only shows migration related blog articles.

Kind regards

Neil Ennis