My Tribute to the RHMS ELLINS

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This photo is by the ships
photographer, one
of 5, I purchased.

de Bild bei
Schiffs Fotograf 1968







December 1968 aboard the Chandris Lines.....RHMS ELLINIS
Voyage from Melbourne to Southampton via Bremerhaven

The young people that I knew aboard the Ellinis December 1968, bound for Bremerhaven
from Melbourne via Sydney, New Zealand, Tahiti, Panama City and Panama Canal.
Then the West Indies, Rotterdam and Bremerhaven.Some of you went on to Southampton.



If you see your face here or you know one of them, don't be shy... contact me
I did write some details on the back of the photo at the time it was taken,
that's how come I know all the names.

de Wenn sie ein gesicht sehen das bekannt iss, bitte E-mail mich

Name Possible destination
Ashley England
Kevin Goodson England----Good friend
Pam Simpson England
Henry Holland
Victor Africa
Paul England
Henny Holland
Ingrid Holland
Illona Germany
Christine Joostens? Holland/Enschede
Michelle Harvey England
Richard Holland
Lida Holland
Elenora Koch Holland
Sue Hunter England/Oxford----My girlfriend??
Wolfram Dallwitz Germany
Monica Petry Germany/England??----We were very close
Gary Holland
Janet Morgan England/Fairmite, Christchurch, Hants??
Paul Germany----My best friend on board
Brian England
Michael England
Vince Greece
Fred England

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