Please Note:

I do hope that you enjoy my tribute to the RMHS Ellinis
I have found, that by browsing other related sites , fond memories have been triggered.
This inspired me to share my photos on my web-site.

If you recognize a picture or name, (or me) please contact me as I would be pleased
to hear from former passengers from the
Ellinis voyage, North bound
from Australia to Bremerhaven and Southampton Nov 1968 to Jan 1st 1969.

Contact from any other Ellinis voyage is fine as well.

I have published some postcard photos for you to look at
of my voyages aboard these ships. These were purchased by me aboard the Ellinis.

Events, are as acurate as I can recall.

The B/W photos were created by the ships photographer.
He did make contact with me at one time by Email, I did follow up...
but have not been able to contact him. I think his name is "Mario"??
He must have some interesting photo's to share, eh?

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